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  1. B

    Is there any value of Unedited Photographs ?

    Hi All, I recently started photography and got a DSLR. I have been following a lot of channel on YouTube and forums like this about photography and realized that taking photo is just the tip of Iceberg, and you HAVE TO KNOW EDITING to make it presentable. I have no grudge with editing and...
  2. Luke_Learniffy

    I need some ideas

    Hi all I am in the process of writing content for my photography blog/ e-learning site and I would love to know what article would you love to read to help you with your photography What aspect of photography are you stuck on, or would like more information on to help you get to the next level...
  3. Kevin C. Photography

    One of the best way to learn photography ?

    Hey when i started learning photography i remember that i had a really hard time finding good quality formations online and I finally paid for expensive formations and classes. And recently i had a think, wouldn't be great if you could nowadays simply go on youtube and find all you need to learn...