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    Does a Tamron Minolta AF lens to Canon EOS adaptor exist?

    I recently (finally!) bought a Canon C100 Mark 1 for work. Around the same time, my uncle picked up a Tamron AF 28-200mm aspherical lens from a Goodwill store for ten bucks. It says the model is a 71D. In the manual, it says it can fit both Nikon and Canon cameras, though the lens cap says "for...
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    Doubts about Leitax Mod (C/y to F mount), and using F mount lens on Alpha Cameras?

    Cameras I intend to buy 1. Either A7R III or A7S III (A7SIII if it improves rolling shutter performance and has 4k60Fps, else A7RIII) 2. Minolta Maxxum 9 (I just want to explore film, and this is the only camera that caught my attention other than Mamiya 7). Lens I intend to buy. Nikon F mount...
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    Using Vintage Nikon Lens on D800

    I shoot with a Nikon D800 DSLR body. I recently purchased a vintage Nikkor 300 mm f/2.8 ed -vr lens. I've never attempted to use a vintage lens on this camera body. How do I go about using this lens to shoot at full frame on my Nikon D800? Do I need to get a lens adapter and if so, can...
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    67mm dia filter with 52-67mm adapter vs 52mm dia filter

    I ordered a lens filter for 52mm dia lens . But I got 67mm dia lens with a 52-67mm adapter. I'm planning to return the Filter and ask them to send a new 52mm Filter that can directly sit into my prime lens. But in the test samples taken, the 67mm filter attached to my lens with a 67 to 52mm...