67mm dia filter with 52-67mm adapter vs 52mm dia filter


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Feb 21, 2016
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I ordered a lens filter for 52mm dia lens . But I got 67mm dia lens with a 52-67mm adapter.
I'm planning to return the Filter and ask them to send a new 52mm Filter that can directly sit into my prime lens.

But in the test samples taken, the 67mm filter attached to my lens with a 67 to 52mm adapter, looks good. I'm confused. is it okay to use this combo? Or attaching a 67mm dia lens filter to a 52mm lens would reduce the quality? Like reducing the focusable area, or shades in corner those type of issues.

Any suggestions please
The adapter will take the filter further away from the lens, which can affect your Wide Focal Lengths.

ie, if you have a 18-55 lens and you shoot at 18mm you may get a circle blackout around the image (vignetting more than if you just used the filter alone, which may vignette the corners a bit. But I would check an image at your wide focal length with and without the filter to see if there is any effect.

The quality of the filter may impact an image overall more.
I would say it depends on the filter and lens combo. What's your lens and type of filter?
There's nothing wrong with using the combination, but you may run into other issues. Like using a hood.
The 67 is sufficiently wider than the 52 that your most unlikely to have issues with any lens that can take filters. There are other cases with less radical increases where it could easily cause issues.

If you have other lenses that are wider than 52mm the 67mm filter might also be used with them with an appropriate step up adapter. Given the larger filters are typically more expensive you've gained if you don't used a hood (though you would be better off using one).

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