lens hood

  1. ggoodroe

    Mamiya TLR Lens Hood question

    I attached a picture of a Mamiya Hood for a 65mm Twin Lens Reflex lens...does anyone know why one side of the hood is hinged? Thanks! George Goodroe St. Petersburg, Florida USA
  2. S

    Lens hood size for MAMIYA ruby standard/Tower 18b?

    Hi all, So i just purchased the Mamiya Ruby Standard f/2 48mm rangefinder, and importantly this is my first ever rangefinder camera or rather first ever manual analog camera (all the while I've been using point'n'shoots). And as a typical newbie not having the slightest idea, and due to the...
  3. A

    Problem with my lens hood

    Hi, beginner here and I just bought a new screw mount lens hood (because everyone says it doesn't hurt to use one) for my kit lens (18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6). Now here's the problem, when the focus is adjusted, sometimes the lens hood gets misaligned and when I have the zoom at the minimum, the lens...
  4. quinte

    Thread on Metal Lens Hood for Nikon 200-500