lens problems

  1. B

    Greetings and have a very happy New Year from Puerto Rico!

    Since I'm new here I searched for my camera model at once but came out empty handed. So, my first question will be at which forum I must post about a Hanimex Amphibian? This's an underwater camera, 35mm with a motorized roller plastic-encased already by manufacturer. My 2nd question will be how...
  2. imagespeak

    Blur & Distortion Around Egdes of Images

    Hi All, I have a Nikon D90 which I've had for 6 years now. It's been around the world several times and dropped, knocked and bumped about. However, it's performance has been flawless until about a month ago when I noticed that the edge of all images was blurred. It looks as iff I've applied a...