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Jan 4, 2016
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Since I'm new here I searched for my camera model at once but came out empty handed. So, my first question will be at which forum I must post about a Hanimex Amphibian? This's an underwater camera, 35mm with a motorized roller plastic-encased already by manufacturer.

My 2nd question will be how to submit a photo of the camera for the members to have a look? Think this will be very useful because my issue with the camera demands a good comprehensive understanding of the state of it. Thanks in advance for any hints on the above!

Take a photo with any other camera you have handy. If that camera makes different sized photos, set it to smaller. Then attach the photo here using the tools in the header or footer.
Thanks for replying, Designer!

I'm uploading two photos taken with a cheap tablet's front camera right at this forum, hope isn't an inconvenience.

The first one hopefully shows what appears to be humidity in the inner face of the lens (I suspect that it's fungi, instead). Hopefully you can see the owners manual beside it which includes the name of the camera.

The second one shows the back of the camera with both, the seal door and the roll and batteries insertion doors opened. If you look closely you'll notice the 4 Phillips screws there (up to now I've never attempted to disassemble the camera).

My objective is to clean the lens for re-starting to use the camera again. I'm pretty sure water (sea water nor tap water) have entered the unit. Also, a pin that was supposed to be a stopper for the shutter is missing because a long time ago a brother of mine wrongfully imagined that the roll should be moved manually and pulled really hard upward on the shutter.

Thanks in advance for any help on this!


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I would be hesitant to start diving (Pun fully intended! :p ) into repairs on an under-water camera. Dealing with the various seals and other water-proofing measures might well be more challenging than anticipated, and in many cases seals, once removed, cannot be re-used, and would need to be replaced with new. On the plus side, this camera is cheap & cheerful, and readily available on eBay.
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I didn't know it had became so cheap (but used or abused). For me, I never thought of it as cheap: I spent $150 and the cost of two seats in a dual-engine aircraft from PR to Saint Thomas in 1983. If you add up all the incurred costs and also the places this artifact has gone with me in about the first decade you might get to appraise it closer to mine.

Still hoping to receive a more encouraging reply!

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