1. Dean_Gretsch

    Mock Orange

  2. Dean_Gretsch


  3. M

    Lensbaby wedding photos

    Hi, any wedding photographers using lensbaby at work? Can you post any examples of wedding photos taken with a lensbaby here? Your thoughts on it would be much appreciated as well! :-)
  4. C

    Lensbaby creative aperture disks

    Anyone know where I can get a set of creative aperture disks (or blank ones) at a reasonable price? 3rd party ones used to be available on ebay but can't find any now.
  5. katsrevenge

    Xmass Lights (and Tree) at the Square CC welcome.

    1. MidWinter by , on Flickr From other angles. 2. MidWinter by , on Flickr 3. MidWinter by , on Flickr 4. MidWinter by , on Flickr I just got this thing. It's the Edge 50 with Composer Pro II. Found an amazing deal on one, was oh so tempted... glad I got it! CC welcome.. as are tips on how...
  6. WhaleDaughter

    New Lens for Old Camera?

    I know there are many people who put old lenses on their new digital cameras, but I was wondering if it's possible to go in the other direction and put a new lens on a film camera. Specifically, if I were to invest in a Lensbaby with a Nikon F mount, would I be able to attach it to my Nikkormat...
  7. Milani

    Happy New Year! Thank you for welcoming me in.

    Hello! This is my first post here. I am excited to join this community and share my love for shooting with Lensbaby. Are there any projects or Lensbaby groups here? If so please tell all about them. Here is to a wonderful and creative new year. Blessings, April Milani