1. Ryedog780

    Selling Ladybug5 Camera

    Hello good day new to the forums but wishing all a beautiful day I have for sale my Ladybug5 spherical camera if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. Shipping would be out of Edmonton Alberta Canada. WORTH 16K i am asking 7K PM me for more details and YES that is the camera the photo...
  2. C

    Tamron Lense

    Hi. I have a lense question please. I am using Canon 80D. I just purchased a Tamron lense 150 to 600. The lense was an upgrade from a kit lense. I went to a local shop to get one on one help as opposed to the web. They took my money and were not helpful at all. Can I please ask some questions...
  3. A

    Budget portrait lens for Full Frame

    (Not must to read)Photography is my hobby and I can't spend much money on it. Everything I have now I got for free, but I feel that I need autofocus prime lens for portraits. I have 5D(first), EF 28-135 IS USM, Plannar 50 1.4(not new one, old, for c/y mount, but i have focus confirm)Sonnar 135...
  4. trueshadesphoto

    Best lenses for Sony A7S II (4K) ???

    I am new to photography profession. i have started wedding photography shoot and i brought Sony A7S II (4K) camera. i am confuse in buying the lenses for the same.So please suggest me the lenses that will be best for wedding photography.
  5. A

    Zoom Lense for Sony a6000

    Hi all, I am new in the forum and it is my first topic. I have bought a Sony a6000 last year and during this time I have been taking photos with kit lense. Recently I have been thinking that I would like to "catch" some details (for example in people and airplanes) but with the lense sometimes...
  6. K

    Best lenses for Sony a6000??

    hello friends, totally new to photography. I'm into taking pictures of cars, people and animals. What are the best lenses for these types of shoots? Thanks:)
  7. E

    Looking for a lense to nikon d5300

    hi, am just about to buy my first dslr and i am going for Nikon D3500, but am not sure what lense what is best for not to much money. think i want 35-50 or prime lense but i want a lense with a good picture quality for the d5300. hope someone can help me :)
  8. B

    Lense adapter question.

    First off,please keep in mind that I am VERY new to all of this. I purchased an old D200 but it did not come with a lense, the seller gave me a Nikon 1 (broken) and a pair of lenses with it. Is there an adapter to convert to Nikon 1 lenses to my D200?