1. Bryan Pereira

    leopard watching me

  2. Bryan Pereira


    My favorite of the africa big cats Nikon D850 200-400f4 at 400mm 1/160th iso 500 f4 Spent around 30 minutes with this one
  3. Bryan Pereira

    Leopard posing

    Nikon d850 500mm f5.6 1/1000 iso 1400 From my feb safari, one of my regular leopards
  4. Bryan Pereira

    Leopard with Kill

    Not the greatest shot technically and one where I think my 200-400 f4 would have given me more options (faster shutter with the same iso). But a rare capture on safari. Nikon D810 200-500 at 480 400 iso f6.3 1/400
  5. jorelcuomo

    Indian Leopard Coming Down Tree

    Indian Leopard - Nagarhole National Park, India ------------------------------------------------------------ This past October I spent 20 days on safari in India. The jungles were lush and very green after the summer monsoons which provided an amazing backdrop for shooting in. This male Leopard...