light trails

  1. M

    Busy Downtown New Braunfels.

    Busy downtown, though it looked like a great place to stand in the middle of the median and take pictures, I think they turned out ok. Click on the jpg, have no idea why it doesn't populate.
  2. D7K

    A Rolex Minute

    ..Well, technically not an entire minute, but a blend of 4 exposures of between 6-20seconds. The weather hasn't allowed me to get back to the mountains as yet so I headed downtown to play with some long exposures..
  3. D7K

    The Halls - Long exposure

    With the dark nights and not much travelling it’s been time to explore the city again, mostly at night which gives chance for some nice long exposure photography. This is a shot of The Central Halls or Halite in downtown Sofia, light streaks kindly provided by the rush hour traffic and trams...