1. MVPernula

    Sony A7ii flash equipment

    Heya! So I was asked if I'm willing to shoot some portraits and groups shots of people from a local gym, they basically want to refresh their site but keep the same feeling of the photos they have now. That means I have to shoot with studio lights, and I haven't done that since high school. I...
  2. Kedarnag138

    Portrait - Feedback please!

  3. Flavio

    Lumpini Park at night, Bangkok

    Long exposure of the Bangkok nocturne cityscape reflected in one of Lumpini Park lakes. Thank you for taking the time to observe my photograph and read this brief description.
  4. angelusagendi

    Strobe lights vs umbrella cont.light vs softbox.Where to start for low budget first studio home kit?

    Dear Pro photographers, I read many postings about the first Photo Studio Kit for the Beginners, and many of you don't advise cheap lights from Amazon etc. However, not everyone can afford pro lights right away. Yes, we should save for the better equipment, but in theory if we have the budget...
  5. Kroneberger0408

    Lighting help?

    So I want to start doin more portraits at home. Maybe set up a small studio type setup on my house. Mostly Im having a baby in August and I really want some good soft light to use when taking photos of the baby. What kind of lighting should I start with? Umbrella or softbox? Suggestions for a...
  6. koleks

    Portrait Lights

    Playing with lights. Is cropping to get the frame you like okay? Comments will be very much appreciated. Sony A6000 / 24mm / f2.2 / 1/200s / ISO1000
  7. nat3wall

    Lights from the window

    This was taken during a theater class with a teacher, the light from the windows was just to beautiful not to take a picture.
  8. U

    Advice of studio/product photography lighting

    I am setting up a small product photography studio from home and been doing some investigation on lighting requirements. Some photographers swear by using mostly flashes. I've seen some pretty nice photos using 4 flashes and some white board to bounce light off of. Some photographers swear by...