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Jul 6, 2017
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So I was asked if I'm willing to shoot some portraits and groups shots of people from a local gym, they basically want to refresh their site but keep the same feeling of the photos they have now. That means I have to shoot with studio lights, and I haven't done that since high school. I was teen and not interested in studio gear, so whatever I learned back then is since long forgotten. Now I'm talking to a friend of mine, a videographer, and he says we can borrow/rent some studio lights. Fine! But how do I connect with it?

I know you can do it wirelessly, I know you can do it via wire. Do I have to get a specific little device that fits the A7ii specifically? Is that device guaranteed to be able to pair with the studio lights we're renting? We just need a wired/wireless (though preferably wireless) device that connects with the light(s), it doesn't have to be a dedicated flash. Is this possible?

Thanks you all!

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