1. M

    Unittic Light Meter

    Hello, I recently inherited a Voigtlander Vito B manual camera and a Unittic light meter. I have no idea how to work the light meter, and after some research I am still very confused, as most demonstrations online have meters with ASA windows which this does not. Does anyone have experience with...
  2. YoungPhotoGirl

    The #1 Photographer Tip! | How to shoot better photos with your DSLR!

    There's so many amateur photographers who are scared to take their skills to the next level. I say scared, because it's not about the individual lacking the skills necessary- Skills are something you develop naturally as you practise. FEAR is what stops you from trying, fear stops you from...
  3. C

    Manual Bracketing

    Hey guys, I have watched so many YouTube videos and read so many webpages on bracketing but they all seem to suggest using the AEB function which my camera doesn't have. I have a few questions to make sure I'm doing it right. First of all, I'm using spot metering to select the exposure for the...
  4. F

    My phone is taking blue colored RAW photos

    Hi everyone! I just bought my new Huawei P8 Lite 2017. I think it has a great camera for this price. It does support camera2api, so I have a lot of manual setting. (ISO, Shutter speed, manual focus etc.) But the main camera app doesn't have DNG option. But some third-party apps support it. But...
  5. redbourn

    Manual vs Automatic

    Lots of people have been patiently pushing me to get better and better. And I appreciate it. Took a big step today and finally changed the dial on my camera to 'manual' for the first time! Chose a very simple setup and chose 'default' in PS when I combined the images. Comments? Thank you...
  6. G

    Back to fully manual - some focus questions...

    I recently purchased a 12mm Samyang fully manual lense. The lense if 12mm f2.0-f22. This is a fantastic addition to my collection and has really opened up eyes, not only to the types of photography now available to me, but to how much 'basic' photography skills I have never had to think about...
  7. Ravenskydancer

    Hi I'm Raven Sky and new to Sony

    Need suggestions to determine when my new a77 is properly focused in manual mode. Tips appreciated.
  8. KalitheArtist

    FINALLY captured the turkey.. and a small bonus bird!

    There is a family of turkeys, about 8 or so of them, that roam around my house and my neighbors. I've been stalking them from my windows for days, despite the rainy, crap weather. So early one morning, I was letting the dogs out and saw the turkeys. I grabbed my camera, (poor dogs had to wait to...
  9. rizkyb

    3 lenses set alternative. Exploring vintage lens

    Hi Guys, Recently explored some vintage lenses as a budget alternative. I would like to share my recommendation. Hope this is useful to some. Thank you for watching!
  10. LIphotokid

    Lookin' for advice

    Hello, I'm a amateur photographer based in Long Island shooting with a Nikon D7100. I've joined this forum in hopes to get advice and input from an outside source. My biggest thing right now is learning manual. I'm more of a hands on person and YouTube videos just confuse me more. I know...