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Dec 17, 2020
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Hello, I recently inherited a Voigtlander Vito B manual camera and a Unittic light meter. I have no idea how to work the light meter, and after some research I am still very confused, as most demonstrations online have meters with ASA windows which this does not. Does anyone have experience with this / know how to properly work and read it? Thanks


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I am not familiar with your particular meter, but have used many over the years. I still take my Luna pro with me on shoots. When you push the button you get an EV reading, i,e., luminance. You rotate the dial until you see the EV reading in the window. You also need to dial in the ISO rating. Now look for an f stop and read the appropriate shutter speed or visa versa, chosen shutter speed shows the appropriate f stop. Most meters can read incident, or ambient, light or reflected light from the subject, just like your camera meter. There is usually a diffuser you slide over the sensor to read incident light, which must be slid off to the slide to read reflected light. You camera’s metering system won’t exactly match your light meter, but should be reasonably close depending on your camera settings. If it’s a very old meter, the sensors tend to degrade over the years. Hope this helps.
Looks like red scale is ASA or ISO by todays standards. I believe you line up the reading from the meter and it shows you the correct f stop and shutter speed combination on the right side.

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