1. mdsphotography

    C&C and Vote on which on you like the best, if any, and why?

    Greetings, The following four photos are all of the same still life entitled: "The Chips are Down". Each has been edited in different ways and manners and I like each in their own way. As an amateur photographer I like and appreciate others thoughts and C&C. Thus this Poll. Thanks in advance...
  2. mdsphotography

    Fuzzy Wuz He: Pink-striped Oakworm Moth

    This was take, with my phone, right before we got hit with Hurricane Irma. Hope he made it!
  3. mdsphotography

    Some other B&W's

    Thought I would share a few more with the Forum and thanks for looking. Seems like a real nice group of people. C&C welcomed[/ATTACH]