1. purpleroan

    Culture & Photos

    Hey everybody! I am currently a college student composing a research paper centered around the ways that photography (content-wise and stylistically) differs by country/culture, and the effect that this may have on foreigners and their perceptions of a country when they view media from said...
  2. B

    Choice of Print Paper?

    Hi All, After a significant absence, I am finding myself being drawn back into photography, particularly as a secondary income source having sold a few prints recently. I'm typically looking at selling landscape nature photos up to about 24" x 30" size. There are many different sorts of print...
  3. N

    Usage rights and is a blogger classed as press?

    I'm in a bit of a tricky situation and struggling to find an answer so hoping someone here can help! I have two main queries... 1) I was assigned to photograph for a hotel - general area shots, staff, etc for which I have assigned the hotel "all media: print & digital, worldwide territory and...
  4. davidbeckphoto

    Censors as art

    In a lot of my photos, I censor the parts that aren't allowed on social media for 3 reasons: 1 - Most of my photos are shared through social media, and I don't want to get my accounts deleted. I'm findable online, but the moderators have asked me not to link to my site. 2 - I think a censor...