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Dec 30, 2014
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Hey everybody! I am currently a college student composing a research paper centered around the ways that photography (content-wise and stylistically) differs by country/culture, and the effect that this may have on foreigners and their perceptions of a country when they view media from said country. I am curious if any of you may know of any decent resources to look into to gain information, since searches seem to yield countless articles about traveling and photographing other locations...which of course isn't helpful. Also, if anybody out there from a country other than the USA has insight to share on this topic and their photographic "norms" that would be incredibly interesting. Thanks so much in advance!
Do you have a list of questions? I'm an American who became a photographer in Korea, and had my first experience as a photographer in the US last summer.
There are so many web spaces you can check out where photos are collected and of course follow some news that align with what you're working on.
Try Google............

OP indicated she searched and came up with nothing helpful.

I suspect the topic is one that will require interviewing professionals in different countries. The impact of photography in the media today has expanded to online, which is fairly global.

I think it sounds like an interesting research process. Please let us know how it goes.
If you have a wish list of question plz post, there are number of sites I use here in the UK
Eg. Rail Track has there own guidelines for photographers who wish to take photos of trains and rail related images
Some of the big attraction post notices as what is and is not allowed re photography
Our equivalent of the mall, the shopping centre you are not allowed to take photos
There are countless books on the Southwest US and despite the artsy bunch up in Taos, Lee Marmon, Ansle Adams, Georgia O'Keefe, and others the real image of New Mexico is Breaking Bad. (Thank you Mr. Gilligan!)

The resources are vast, but the first aspect based ont he OP's question is to look for photography of specific regions first. Then look at the artists.
School's out... unless this was getting ahead of the game in May for summer term. It would help to know the major or which college/dept. at a university the course is in (Education? Liberal Arts? probably not Business...) since that could make a difference in what type journals to look at.

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