1. D

    Meopta Auxomat 5 Enlarger Clock?

    I have the basic Auxomat 5 enlarger which is powered by the bulb with a simple on and off switch. I am looking to find a clock. Which clock should I buy and how do I install? Thank you!
  2. ogorriz

    Question about Meopta Opemus 6a Enlarger

    Hello. I am building my own lab at home again, after 20 years away from film. A good friend gave me a Meopta 6a head without the column, and now I need to buy it separately, something that seems quite difficult. Found online a Meopta 5 enlarger very cheap (15€) one hour by car from home. The...
  3. WhaleDaughter

    Flexaret VI

    This was this year's birthday present to myself (a little early). I had it checked out and the tech said it's darn near perfect. The only issue is that the top shutter speed is shooting at more of 250 than 400, but it's 50+ years old so I'm fine with that, I can just adjust my exposure. And...