Meopta Auxomat 5 Enlarger Clock?


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Feb 20, 2021
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I have the basic Auxomat 5 enlarger which is powered by the bulb with a simple on and off switch. I am looking to find a clock. Which clock should I buy and how do I install?

Thank you!
I am sure you can find a clock type timer on Amazon.

Being and engineer I nailed an electrical switch/receptacle and an 8 pin timer and base to a piece of wood. I tape this to my bathroom darkroom table and I am good to go. I cost about $20.00 total.

Ansel Adams said he used a musical metronome set for 1 sec ticks, so he did not have to watch or set anything.

timer.JPG Not pretty but it works, I selected a 0 to 10 sec timer with 1/2 sec intervals.

good luck
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If you go to Amazon and type in darkroom timers they have a number of timers. I do not know how many turn the enlarger off and on or how many just beep after a set amount of time. Some of the pro models can be expensive.

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