1. F

    Zenza Bronica ETRsi Light Meter Issues

    My internal light meter/indicator was working properly a few weeks ago. Now, when I half press the shutter, instead of the meter offering the correct exposure through the viewfinder, it always flashes at 1/4. I thought the shutter speed was locked at 1/500 of a second when the shutter was...
  2. FLCKeats

    Selecting a metering method

    Good afternoon everyone, I'm posting this in the film thread, because I shoot film (B&W). I know it's applicable to digital photography, but I've found film photographers tend to have slightly different ideas of methodology. I would welcome insight from anyone, though. I've been feeling...
  3. T

    Depth Of Field Preview Button

    Hi, im new to film slrs. i know its a bit late in the game, but i recently purchased a Nikon F4 slr. I couldnt help but notice the depth of field preview button. I started using it in manual mode and soon came to realize that it threw off my exposure meter. I understand the basics of this...
  4. G

    Incident metering for landscape?

    I have been reading about the different methods of metering a scene. What I can't figure out is what possible purpose could an incident meter reading give you on a landscape that is 5 miles away? I mean, I don't even know how it would work. If I'm taking a picture of a scene - and everything...