Zenza Bronica ETRsi Light Meter Issues


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May 18, 2017
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My internal light meter/indicator was working properly a few weeks ago. Now, when I half press the shutter, instead of the meter offering the correct exposure through the viewfinder, it always flashes at 1/4.

I thought the shutter speed was locked at 1/500 of a second when the shutter was released because when I set the shutter to longer speeds (2-8 seconds) I didn't hear the shutter close after firing. However, when I set the mirror lockup, I can clearly hear/see the shutter open and close for the proper duration. I know that when the battery is low or inserted in reverse, it will only fire at 1/500. My battery is new and the battery checker indicates with a red light that it is sufficiently charged. So I think the shutter is firing as it should (at least with mirror lockup set).

The camera is in like new condition. I got it from an acquaintance who almost never used it. I also have three lenses and changing them doesn't fix/change this issue.

What might be wrong with my camera? Thanks!


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Dec 3, 2015
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First, I would check the ASA setting - if that has been inadvertently altered, exposure will be way off.

Second, I would remove the various components and replace them to make sure all the electrical contacts are making good contact.

Third, your meter is likely to be faulty. All Bronicas are now elderly and the various parts are going to fail at some point. Electronic components generally fail before mechanical ones.

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