1. F

    Zone System - Contemporary Usage

    A bit of a survey here ... How many members still employ the Zone System in their photography? Are you professional? Ameteur? Artist? Landscape? Portraiture? Do you use the Tiffen contrast lenses that replace the original Kodak Wratten #90? Do you use the Zone System with digital cameras...
  2. gossamer

    Metering mode facing the sun

    Hi, I have a D500 with a 24-70mm f/2.8 VRII and I have an opportunity to take pictures of a woman doing yoga poses on a pier off the shore of a small lake. I normally use matrix metering, but it's possible I'll be shooting into the sun, so wanted to make sure I chose the proper metering method...
  3. C

    Please help with metering!

    I usually meter manually but yesterday my photos seemed overexposed (children outdoors at sunset). I work in aperature priority when I use the Nikkor 85mm f/1.4 for the bokeh. Should I be matrix metering with this lens and for my subject?
  4. H

    underexposed with teleconvertor

    Hi, I have a pentax k-x and a Tokina 260mm manual lens (no A), I have just purchased a vivitar MC 2x TC and having a little trouble with light levels, cam set to aperture exposure automatically and using the mode dial,I set iso to auto 100-6400,green button set to (Tv in M mode). I would have...
  5. FLCKeats

    Selecting a metering method

    Good afternoon everyone, I'm posting this in the film thread, because I shoot film (B&W). I know it's applicable to digital photography, but I've found film photographers tend to have slightly different ideas of methodology. I would welcome insight from anyone, though. I've been feeling...