1. M

    First Micro Lens

    Just got this new lens and would like some feed back on my first Micro Picture. Instagram post by Mark H • Oct 27, 2018 at 1:51am UTC
  2. S

    Microphone similar to the Rode Videomic Pro

    Recently I got the Rode Videomic Go and I had to return it because of a hissing sound that it produced with my Canon EOS 700D So far I want to buy the Rode Videomic Pro because you can almost silence the sound that comes from your camera and make the sound that is recorded by the microphone...
  3. BluegrassDan

    Nikon F Photomic, Nikkormat FTN, Nikkormat EL - 35mm Film Cameras

    Camera Bodies Nikon F Photomic FTn – Meter functions properly. Some cosmetic blemishes and slight brassing on sharp corners. Viewfinder is bright, but has some small dust spots. Camera functions properly. Includes waist level viewfinder and hot shoe mount. Nikkormat FTN – Meter functions...