1. erkindemir

    Which modifier for this specific light shape?

    Hello there. Lately, I am seeing this type of lighting often. Any idea how to achieve this effect.?
  2. angelusagendi

    Best softbox for Fomito Godox de300?

    Hi! I'd love to hear your feedback and have you advise me on which softbox from these 3 I should get: 1. Godox SB-UE 80cm / 31.5in Portable Octagon Honeycomb: 2. Neewer Hexadecagon Softbox...
  3. angelusagendi

    1 strobe and one modifier under 300$ for the beginner.

    Hello everyone, Finally I am going to purchase one light with a modifier this week. Thank you for all your suggestions. So I want to buy one strobe light, strong enough to do a portrait beginner photoshoot at my home. And I prefer softbox over umbrella as light modifier. You suggested some...
  4. Z

    Studio lighting: What modifier will achieve this look?

    Hi everyone! Does anyone know what kind of Profoto modifier would achieve this kind of look in the studio? I won't have time to test this in the studio so not sure if the standard reflector on the D1's will give a hard/strong enough light. Could something like barn doors or the Pro Fresnel work...