mt. washington

  1. nerwin

    Looking Out

    Another Mt. Washington landscape. I know I can't top the the last couple pictures I posted from here but I thought I'd share this one anyways. I figured out during editing that I can only make so many landscapes from this location because they all start to look very similar. However, this one...
  2. nerwin

    Mt. Washington Landscape

    This has to be by far my favorite landscape photo I have taken to date. I love this photo so much that I'm going to get it printed and I have some friends who are interested in a print of this photo as well. So I must've did something right haha. This might just be the picture of the year for...
  3. nerwin

    The view goes on & on

    I took this on top of Mt. Washington. It was early afternoon and that's when the visibility was higher, as the day went on, it got more hazier. So I'm glad I was able to get some decent landscape shots with plenty of visibility. This shot is 8 vertical images stitched together. I sat on this...