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Jan 31, 2015
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Another Mt. Washington landscape. I know I can't top the the last couple pictures I posted from here but I thought I'd share this one anyways. I figured out during editing that I can only make so many landscapes from this location because they all start to look very similar. However, this one was taken at a slightly lower elevation, because we stopped at a turn off on the way back down to let the brakes cool down and took a little detour on a trail and saw these two people looking out to vast landscape. I thought it added a perspective.

The sun was getting a little lower in the sky so the lighting was starting to change become more interesting. I decided to do a panoramic creative crop on this shot and I think it works. I pretty much just added some magenta to the sky to add a little bit of interest and removed some of the blue haze in the background to bring those greens out and of course did the basic editing and added a SLIGHT shadow split tone.

It also looks really good in b&w and because of that reason I sat on it for a while. But I ended up going with color. Though if anyone would like to see my b&w version, let me know.

Nikon D610 + 20 1.8G
f/5.6, 1/640th, ISO 220


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