1. nerwin

    My early birthday gift to myself! 🎂

    So I have a birthday coming up next month and last year I didn't buy anything for myself. I had a really rough year and I thought I should buy something for myself, something that's isn't a camera or a lens for once 🤣 It turns out one morning I turned on my desktop speakers and yeah they...
  2. D7K

    The Musician

    D7000 / 85mm 1.8G @ f/2.5
  3. bINGLe

    First Live Music Event - Questions to ask and what to consider

    Hi all, I'm going to be getting involved in my first "professional" shoot next month. I say professional as I have been asked to join several other photographers to shoot 3 day music festival (several hours X 3 days). So, although it will be a job for a client, I will not be the only / primary...
  4. canonjoshphotos

    Need help with picking new gear ! !

    I'm a concert photographer from NYC and I'm slowly transitioning into video making, Ive been making it work with what I have but now I got some money saved up and I wanna buy a new lens/body. Im torn between getting a sigma 24-70 f/2.8 or a sigma 18-35 f/1.8, I normally get a photo pass so I'm...
  5. evabomanges

    music video feedback

    hey guys, me and my husband had a task to film music video for a song "Let Me Go" what kind of message do you get/ see while watching it? any input/feedback appreciated. link below and password : drew thank you!
  6. P

    How much should I be charging to do a music festival?

    I have been doing photography consistently for over a year now and only within the past few months have decided to start charging for my work. My main area that I work with is live music events. Typically doing shows that area only around 4 hours and usually will charge $50 which I'm not sure I...
  7. Tuonenlapsi

    Olavi Uusivirta live @ Lutakko

    I was fortunate enough to get a dslr inside a renowned gig place in my hometown where a Finnish rock star (a star in Finland at least) had a gig. I really didn't love his music but my friend dragged me along, so I thought to get some photos out of it. (Shot on 1st of May, 2015) Critique is...