1. nerwin

    Low key lighting with Luke (my cat)

    I saw my cat, Luke sitting in the sunlight for a whole 60 seconds for me to take these pictures and thought it would be a good idea to do some natural low key lighting.
  2. Max Compose

    Sunset Phuket

    Have a look...
  3. Steven Dillon

    Rainbow Seeds

    Rainbow Seeds is another piece from my current portfolio. It was composed in Augusta, GA. From The Artist's Story blog post: "I was creating abstract compositions of an open pod of seeds one spring afternoon in the Phinizy Swamp Nature Park when the light changed to a perfect amount and angle...
  4. redbourn

    Can I use natural light and a 5500 cfl together?

    I searched for the answer to this for 20 minutes on the web and found nothing, which surprised me. Can I use natural light and a 5500 cfl together? Thanks for any help, Michael P.S. Well I can use them together of course, but what will be the result? ;-)
  5. Max Compose

    Small House at Lake Shore

    Hope to get your comment, I take it with long exposure with ND1000 filter.
  6. Max Compose

    Boat Reflection

    Black and white reflection, hope you like it.
  7. Max Compose

    Abandoned Wood

    Abandoned Wood beside the beach in Phuket
  8. Max Compose

    Green Magpie

    I was take it at zoo with my zoom, the description was from my personal website Green Magpie The common green magpie is a member of the crow family, roughly about the size of the Eurasian jay or slightly smaller. It is a vivid green in colour, slightly lighter on the underside and has a...