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    Huntley Meadows Park, Alexandria, VA [8 Pics]

    More info on the park HERE. It's really a great spot and I'm kicking myself for having not been there sooner. Sun-setting Huntley Meadows by Jono Kenyon, on Flickr Cattail Creatures Huntley Meadows by Jono Kenyon, on Flickr Bird Huntley Meadows by Jono Kenyon, on Flickr Snapper Huntley...
  2. Articuno

    ~ Fall for wild mushrooms ~

    A little late this year, but I went on a few mushroom hunts. 🍄 Did you see some astonishing species, or have you made some stunning shots? I'd love to see yours 😍 I was lucky to see this guy this year 🥰. Amanita muscaria
  3. V

    Hello everyone

    Check out some of my pics i'm new in photography
  4. Chrisdu400

    Faroe Islands - natural shots

    Recently I was thinking about going to a photography journey in the Faroe Islands as it seems that the archipelago is one of the most photogenic places on earth! Edit (Moderator): Photos not taken by poster removed.
  5. G

    Suggestions for an upgrade?

    I'm new to this forum but thought I would jump right in. Currently, I have a Nikon D7500. I focus primarily on nature photography, including birds and night sky photos. I would like to upgrade to a better Nikon, especially one suited for night sky photography. My dilemma is this: Do I stay in...