nd filter

  1. W

    Which ND filter will I need?

    Hello all, I use an analog Polaroid Big Shot camera. It has an f24 lens on the lightest setting and an f55 on the darkest. It has a fixed shutter speed of 1/52. This camera can also only be used with a MagiCube (flash). Now I have a question. This camera is set for ISO 80-100 pack film, which...
  2. S

    3-stop ND filter reduces saturation

    I just bought a 3-stop ND filter for my Canon 5D Mark IV to use with a few lenses. Tried it in the studio with a strobe yesterday and noticed a distinct desaturation of the photo compared to using high-speed sync without ND. Is reduced saturation expected with 3-stop ND filters? This is a...
  3. Sarah Allyn Photo

    ND Filter - Pink Line?

    I just recently purchased a Formatt Hitech 95mm Firecrest solid ND filter (2.7/9-stop) for my D810 and have been coming up with a pink line in my photos (happens regardless of shooting into the sun/light or not). Any ideas as to what my problem is? I'm using it with my 15mm Irix full frame...
  4. P

    Why are step up ring prices all over the board?

    I just got an 82mm variable ND filter and wanted to get 2 step up rings for my 77mm and 67mm lenses. Wondering why the 77mm was 4.95 and the 67mm is 59.95?? How could the values be so drastically different? Advice? Thanks
  5. birdbonkers84

    First time trying long exposure landscape photography

    On Sunday I headed out to this location as I've seen quite a few photos of this area, my main goal was to try out long exposure landscape photography with my Hoya ND circular filter that I bought for my 18-55 lens back in January, but never go around to using it cause birds were life. 1. Nikon...
  6. A

    Red & blue tint with ND filter

    Hi there, just used my new ND Filter Haida ND3.0 1000x with my Sigma EX 10-20mm lens on my Nikon D7100 yesterday and somehow I couldn't manage to take a long exposure picture without a red and green tint in the Raw-Picture except one. See picture attached, 20 second exposure f/18, ISO 100. Any...
  7. coreno

    Solar Eclipse Photography

    I want to get pictures of the total solar eclipse in the US on Aug 21, and what I'm struggling the most with is finding solid information on what to use on the front of my lens. Obviously I need to filter the light, but I've seen references to a "solar filter", which presumably is specifically...
  8. 1

    E-Mount Lens Bundle

    Hey all, I am selling my lenses and I am committing directly to film photography. I want a fresh start and want new gear. I have 3 clean, quality, and pretty much unused lenses for sale and I have a link to my eBay listing. I'm selling: Canon FD 85mm f/1.2 w/ original bottom cap & Fotasy FD to...
  9. JustinMichaelPhoto

    Fs/Ft Canon 7d mk II with kit lens and acc. PICS INSIDE

    Canon 7d mk ii w/ 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 II and acc. I purchased a 7d mk ii three months ago with an 18-55 kit lens and a bunch of filters. I purchased it brand new from bestbuy with an extended warranty and no questions asked 3 year accidental coverage. I'm ready to upgrade to full frame. Camera has...
  10. Kedarnag138

    Which Filter should I buy ?

    Hello all, I want to shoot long exposures during the day, and as I was looking for how to. I ended up understanding there are filters that are out there which would do the job. 1. I have made up my mind to go for the Square/Rectangular Filter rather than the screw in type. 2. I own a Canon...
  11. Havok

    an ND filter for my Tokina 11-16 F/2.8 ?

    Hello everyone So I recently tried out a variable ND2-ND400 filter from a friend that fits my 77mm thread sized Tokina 11-16 F/2.8 lens, and it seems to not work properly and cause "X" in the middle of the image. does anyone have any ideas on what kind of ND filter I should get? Thanks!
  12. N

    Cheap Filters, yay or nay?

    HI guys, I'm new to photography. I'm currently using an older model Canon Rebel XSI and just starting to figure it out. I really want to get into landscape and long exposure photography, but I've read a lot about using UV, Polarizing and ND filters to help the colors and block light for the long...