1. Blood Moon.jpg

    Blood Moon.jpg

    This was such an amazing moment for me on January 20, 2019. My first-time witnessing a "Blood Moon" and in addition having the privilege of photographing it! I need more practice with night shots, but this will do for now. Next, the Milky Way.....
  2. birdbonkers84

    My hometown at night

    I had planned to get star trails behind the war memorial last night, but I messed up with my interval device so got nothing after waiting an hour. Took this as a consolation before heading home. Stonehaven at night by Mark Coull, on Flickr
  3. ChancezZz

    My first thread.

    Here are some photos that I took. some critiquing would be appreciated, Instagram : ChancezZz
  4. r0r5ch4ch

    A golden walk

    Hi, one of the beautiful churches of Puebla/Mexico. This is located near Zocalo. A golden walk by Tobias Zimmermann, auf Flickr
  5. lisakaycreative

    OCF in cold weather?

    I had an engagement shoot last night in 20 degree weather and attempted to use my OCF to get some really cool shots in the snow. It only worked for about 5-10 shots in the beginning total. When I was practicing at home (in my warm condo) it worked perfectly....then I get out there and failed...