1. Kelsomatic

    Nikkormat FTN: One of a kind?

    Hello all, first time posting here so thanks for having me. I picked up a Nikkormat FTN with a 50mm 1.4 (in pretty fantastic condition) for $15 at a garage sale a few months back. This is the first film camera I've ever purchased, and I knew nothing about it on purchase other than that it looked...
  2. BluegrassDan

    Nikon F Photomic, Nikkormat FTN, Nikkormat EL - 35mm Film Cameras

    Camera Bodies Nikon F Photomic FTn – Meter functions properly. Some cosmetic blemishes and slight brassing on sharp corners. Viewfinder is bright, but has some small dust spots. Camera functions properly. Includes waist level viewfinder and hot shoe mount. Nikkormat FTN – Meter functions...