nikon d5200

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    New to Wildlife photography

    Hi all, I have been staying in Germany for the past 3 years. I am interested in going for a vacation trip within Europe for wildlife phottography. I have been taking pictures of nature as well as landscapes using my Nikon D5200 18-55mm. I am currently interested in exploring myself in the...
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    how do professionals get these results ?

    Hello, first I would like to mention english is not my first language so please excuse any grammar mistakes. I am an aspiring photographer working and learning everyday to be better to start my photography business. First time I held my camera (D5200) and took a few pictures and looked at them...
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    Flash operation in Nikon D5200

    I face problems on built in flash operation in the field in macro photography. Despite I work usually on manual mode during shooting and flash mode is in TTL or in manual mode it does not work immediately for some time 10-15 min and it starts to work later. In contrast it works immediately...
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    Which wide angle lens is best for Nikon D5200 ?

    I currently own a Nikon D5200 DSLR with stock 18-55mm & a 50mm prime lens. I'm in need of wide angle telephoto lens. I've searched a lot in the internet and read a lot reviews of various lenses. Atlast i came up with these, Tokina AT-X 116 PRO DX AF 11 - 16 mm f/2.8, Tamron SP AF 10 - 24 mm...
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    canon t5i vs nikon d5200

    i have the opportunity to trade in my t5i and $50 for a d5200. i would also have to buy a battery for the d5200. is it worth the cost?
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    Flash mode in macro in Nikon D5200

    I face some times reflections of light on the image e.g. on wings of insects, at macro photography. How to avoid it except the use of polarizing filter. Can I use AF-L for this purpose? How to make my flash to work in two steps as in portrait? I consider that this flash mode could solve this...