nikon f3

  1. nerwin

    My poor man's Nikon F3 (F-301/N2000)

    I just recently picked up this Nikon N2000 from eBay for $37 because I just discovered this camera earlier this month and I never heard about this camera model. Apparently it's the first Nikon film camera to do without the manual film advance/shutter charging lever as it has automatic film...
  2. W

    Nikon F3 focusing screen and finder

    I have recently acquired two unused F3 bodies. One of which had this 90 degree DW-4 finder and a focusing screen K neither of which I have seen before. I have found an identical finder on eBay but cannot find any more info. I am assuming that the screen is to pair with the finder for medical...
  3. doitben

    Nikon f3

    hello people. I recently bought a Tokina RMC 35mm-105mm f/3.5-4.3 thinking it would fit my nikon f3 but it doesn't. Any knowledge on this lens and its mount type? I tried looking for info myself but only get "for sale" links. and the only info i did come across says it is a Pentax K mount...