nikon f5

  1. OldManJim

    Cross Body Camera Straps

    I'm carrying around a Nikon F5 and it's pretty heavy - even before I add film! To reduce the pain, I'm looking at those cross body camera straps and was wondering if there are any that would be recommended - or ones I should avoid. I've seen some horror stories about straps and fittings...
  2. OldManJim

    Nikon F4 vs. F100 vs. F5

    I'm looking to add to the Nikon herd in my office. I've looked at the F4 (like it's ability to use older Nikon lenses), F100 (which my son has and likes) and an F5 (pricier but reportedly excellent metering). All are used and all have various scuffs and scrapes - which don't bother me since I...