1. A

    Before I buy my first softbox (help needed)

    Hi guys, if you could help me with this, I would be very grateful, thank you. Wanting to take my images to the next level, I looked into softboxes and found this big beauty on ebay for €60. It's Godox 120cm/47", with grid: GODOX 120cm / 47" Octagon Softbox With Honeycomb Grid For Studio Flash...
  2. lisakaycreative

    OCF in cold weather?

    I had an engagement shoot last night in 20 degree weather and attempted to use my OCF to get some really cool shots in the snow. It only worked for about 5-10 shots in the beginning total. When I was practicing at home (in my warm condo) it worked perfectly....then I get out there and failed...
  3. sactown024

    STE3-RT fire other flashes other than Canon?

    I have two 600ex-rt's and the ST-E3-RT trigger. I want to add a different light to my setup with more power (specifically the Flashpoint Streaklight 360) and I was curious if the ST-E3-RT would fire a light other than the Canon 600ex if the light had a radio receiver on it. Now I know it wont...
  4. mkauer

    How Do You Setup Off Camera Flash for a Nikon D3300?

    Hey, I've been trying to setup an off-camera flash with my Altura speedlight (full kit with remote and trigger), but I can't find the settings on my Nikon D3300 to make it the "commander." I've attached the trigger to the hotshoe of my camera, and I've attached the remote to my speedlight. But...