old camera

  1. K

    Help me identify the model of this camera

    This camera has no serial number whatsoever, i tried looking up on google but that was useless, need the help of an expert.
  2. TV_or_not_TV

    Need Help Identifying This Old Camera

    Greetings, everyone! Just as the title suggests, I need someone to help me out with identifying this old camera spotted in one of my favorite movies (from 1990) - I need the make, model & year of the camera. I captured all the important stills from the movie in which the old camera shows up (a...
  3. Sans ink

    Rikoh KR 10 super shutter problem

    I had this kr 10 super from my great grandpa, and on one occasion it decided to jam itself after the last frame. Mirror is still up, iris arm is still active and the shutter is 2/3 the way up the frame. Cocking arm doesn’t move and shutter button doesn’t do anything. Batteries were ok, but I...
  4. torrinworX

    Help with Minolta Maximum 400si

    Hi there, Im new here and I have been having some trouble. I was recently given a old film camera,"Minolta MAXXUM 400is" is written on it, I got a new battery for it (there was in film in the camera) I put the battery in and turned it on and it started making a clicking sound, it started to...
  5. H

    Can someone help me find this camera?

    Hi guys and gals, I wanted to ask if someone can help me find the camera that was used to take the pictures of Leia on the Beach from the Rolling Stones Magazine? I know that they got taken by Aaron Rapoport, but I don't know what camera or lens he used. The colors look amazing! And yes, I mean...
  6. E

    Can anyone identify this camera?

    Hi! A couple of days ago we found this old camera that used to belong to my grandfather. Now I've searched the internet trying to find out which camera this is, but couldn't find anything. It has a Kodak Anastigmat Ektar lens and says something like "Ontarloc" on top of it, but my Google...
  7. 3

    Olympus OM-1 Destroying film

    Hello everyone, I am fairly new here (just made the account) and today I found an Olympus OM-1 at a goodwill for 80$, I absolutely love the camera, but it seems to be destroying film. The first roll was ripped in half when I tried to reel it in (EDIT: turns out I am just an idiot and missed the...
  8. T

    old Agfa camera

    Hi, I have just recently come into possession of an old Agfa medium format folding camera. To be more precise it's a Billy Record, model 4.5 I believe. I've looked into it already and found it was produced somewhere between 1936 and 1949; it uses a 120 roll film for 6x9 cm frames. I would really...