1. B

    How is my photo?

    I just need to know what are the good and bad things in this photo. S7 edge, stock camera app, "Deep" filter Candid
  2. S

    HELP A NOOB TODAY! Low Budget/ Big Plans

    Hello there Photo Forum community, As my title suggests and my name as well, I am a big big noob... I have a really small budget as I am saving up to move to Iceland and then Cambodia. Long story! As you can imagine, I have to take pictures at these places... I mean they are renowned for...
  3. A


    Hello I need an opinion about 2 different cameras. Camera 1 Body type SLR-like (bridge) Max resolution5184 x 3888 Effective pixels 20 megapixels Sensor size 1/2.3" (6.17 x 4.55 mm) Sensor type BSI-CMOS ISO Auto, 100-3200 Focal length (equiv.) 24–1440 mm Max aperture F3.3–6.5 Articulated LCD...
  4. Skiiandme

    Editing, a bad thing?

    Hi! I'm a newbie photographer. No background in photography. I only do self study, and so far I learned to balance ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed. I do get good photos (I think), and I learned from previous thread that I created, to appreciate the limits of my gear and use it to its full...
  5. Havok

    I want opinions!

    Hello TPF! So I've posted a thread here maybe a couple weeks ago about choosing what to buy, and I still haven't decided I was picking between Canon and Nikon, but I was majorily in favor of Canon. Anyways, I've decided to go with a mirror less sony camera, the sony A6000 to be exact, I love...