orion nebula

  1. Scott Murphy

    M42, M43 and NGC 1975 Nebulae

    Found in the "Sword" of the Constellation Orion. 500 light frames and 40 each dark, bias and flat frames stacked in Deep Sky Stacker and post processed in Photoshop Nikon D500, 400mm f/2.8 ED IF AIS Nikkor, 1 sec @ f/2.8 @ ISO 1250
  2. photoflyer

    Orion even with full Moon and city lights

    @SquarePeg posted beautiful images of a lighthouse and the milky way processed with Sequator. That motivated me to get my Celestron Evolution telescope out and give it one more try. I had started to regret getting it. Now I'm motivated to get the clip-in light pollution filter, learn how to...