1. In the park

    In the park

  2. M

    Macro shots in the park.

    Was walking around with my Vivitar 55mm Macro and saw some insects and plants that caught my eye, Any CC is welcomed.
  3. Destin

    How I edited a SOOC jpeg from my X-T3

    I got a request from a member of a facebook photography group I'm in to do a video on how I edited this photo. Since I took the time to throw the video together, I thought I'd go ahead and share it here in case anyone is interested. This follows my workflow through Lightroom from beginning to...
  4. trase

    Light growth - looking for feedback

    I am very new to photography, and besides knowing the technical basics, I have no idea what I'm doing. It would be great if somebody pointed my nose in the things I did wrong.
  5. katsrevenge

    From a Bike Ride in Early Fall

    Thoughts? I'm not too sure about this one. When I had the trees correct, then the background was a bit bright. It's a nice place to ride. I just liked the flair on this.