1. RecepEfe

    Advice for Interval Time Shooting Camera

    Hi, Next year, I'm gonna visit lots of different libraries and archieves to collect books and documents for my Phd thesis. But as you guess, photocopy and buying these will be very expensive for me. Because of this, I want to take photos of the books and documents to digitalize them. As I...
  2. S

    PDF FIles Corrupted

    This was a PDF file that I created with an Epson Scanner. Adobe Reader set as the default program to open it. All was fine. Now I try to open up a PDF file and get Can’t open the file there is a problem with the File Format Makes no sense. Does anyone know of a good PDF recovery tool? Free or...
  3. C

    converting TIFF to PDF

    hey! I'd like to print and sell my photographic work. I'm working with Lightroom and the highest quality I can export is the TIFF format. However, I found this online company that acts as a 3rd party between my website and the printing companies worldwide (www.peecho.com). They take care of...