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Jan 11, 2016
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This was a PDF file that I created with an Epson Scanner. Adobe Reader set as the default program to open it. All was fine. Now I try to open up a PDF file and get
Can’t open the file there is a problem with the File Format
Makes no sense. Does anyone know of a good PDF recovery tool? Free or not.
Thank You!
Have you tried to re-scan the document?
I am assuming that possibly your version PDF reader is not up to date as
many factors can prevent a PDF from opening.
Some factors include damage to the PDF, or an out-dated version of Reader or Acrobat.
Other factors include unrecognisable file types or PDFs created with non-Adobe programs.
Try the suggestions below as your first troubleshooting steps.
Acrobat Help / Can't open PDF



If it is was working and now got corrupted then it needs to be repaired. There are professional tool available to do PDF repair from PDF Recovery Toolbox. https://www.pdf.recoverytoolbox.com/
You can give a try on free version if that file is that important as it all paid versions you need to purchase.

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