peak design

  1. nerwin

    **SOLD** Peak Design Slide SL-2 With Arca-Swiss Adapter

    Selling my Peak Design Slide SL-2 (black) camera strap that I bought from Amazon and only used it for about a month and decided it wasn't for me. It's a high quality strap, pretty comfortable and very versatile. Can be configured in many ways. Since I only used for about a month, there is...
  2. nerwin

    Peak Design Slide vs BlackRapid Thoughts

    I own both PD Slide and BlackRapid straps I just want to share some experiences I had with using both straps. For years I've used the orginal BR RS-7, mine still says Patent Pending haha but I have officially retired that strap since it was worn out, but it has never failed me. I have a newer...
  3. nerwin

    Anyone here at TPF have the Peak Design Slide?

    I'm always trying to find better ways to carry my DSLR. I've been through many straps and I always end up using my Black Rapid straps but the only thing I really dislike about the Black Rapid straps is how it causes the camera to flop around when walking and constantly banging on my side. Its...
  4. stillbinary

    Peak Design Everyday Messenger bag

    Been using it for the last few days since I got it and I'm well impressed with its ease of use and versatility. It really is a well thought bag. Here's an unboxing and overall presentation video of the bag: Having just travelled from Asia to Europe with the bag I will soon do a more in...