1. travelguy92

    A trip to Peru

    Last year I did a backpacking trip to Peru. I have tons of photos, naturally, but here are just a few to share with you. As you'd expect, Machu Picchu is AMAZING and it blows your mind. But I also did a trek through a portion of the Amazon rain forest, something I've wanted to do since I was a...
  2. Dragster3

    my first attempt with lightroom

  3. K

    What Lenses for Peru?

    I am taking my Nikon D5300 to Peru along with various lens hoods. I was wondering whether I could get away with bringing just an 18-55mm lens or would I need my 70-300mm lens also? I am going to places such as Machu Piccu, Ollyiantambo, Pisac, Cusco, Moray, Lima, Huacachina, and Paracas. Thanks.
  4. xaviersaintcyr

    La Venecia Amazónica

    Picture taken 2 days ago in the floating area of Iquitos, Peru, Amazonia, called Belén. It's one of the poorest area of the city, and during the rainy season, wich is presently, the whole place get flooded and completly changes the lifestyle of the people that live there. There houses becomes...