phase one

  1. Vieri

    Four of Risin og Kellingin, on the Faroe Islands

    When I go around photographing, I always love to learn about the myths and legends attached to the places I shoot. I find them to be very inspiring, and when I can't find any, I always make up stories of my own instead. Risin og Kellingin, or The Giant and The Witch, are two sea stacks off the...
  2. Vieri

    Four in B&W from Iceland

    Hello everyone, here's four recent B&W shots of mine made in Iceland with the IQ4 Achromatic digital back & Phase One XT: Thank you for viewing & commenting! Best regards, Vieri
  3. Vieri

    Four in colour from the coasts of Normandy & Brittany

    The coasts of Normandy & Brittany are a goldmine of photographic opportunities. The mix of natural landscapes and the work of man, together with the ever-moving Atlantic skies, makes for a truly unbeatable combination. Can't wait to be back this November for more! Here four images in colour...
  4. Vieri

    Two monochrome images w/Achromatic!

    Hello everyone, long time no see! I have been busy traveling since September, pretty much non-stop, but I am finally back home and ready to start posting again! During my travels I had the opportunity to test drive a Phase One IQ4 Achromatic, which I loved so much that I ended up getting one of...