1. Bryan Pereira

    Topi on Mound

    Topi (Coke Hartebeest) are often thought of as the Guardians of the herd. They are normally the ones to warn the buffalo, zebra and wildebeest of predators. They also tend to be quite brave and take a stance on old ant hills to get a better view of the area. D850 200-400 f4 400mm f5 1/5000 iso 400
  2. Bryan Pereira

    Lioness with Cubs - Fun and Tragedy

    Interesting watching all the interaction, I liked the way the cubs wet fur rendered. The group went away and came back after a while, a third cub was dead, possibly it drowned or was weak. The mother stayed with it for a while then they all left D850 200-400 at 400mm f4 1/400 iso 400
  3. Bryan Pereira

    Focused Lion

    This lioness was watching gazelle through the gap under my vehicle as they passed far behind D850 200-400 f4 400mm f4 1/800 iso 400
  4. Bryan Pereira

    Young Topi

    A few shots of the young Topi. New born they dont have any of their parents color D850, 200-400 f4 200mm, 200 iso f4 1/600
  5. Bryan Pereira


    These bucks spend most of their time in wet swampland, their hooves are specially designed not to rot in the water and their fur has an oil that makes it water resistant. The oils also have a bad taste making it less appealing to predators. I've not seen many or any lion kills with them D850...
  6. Bryan Pereira

    Fly Face

    This is a crop from a full body shot simply because I like the one fly hanging in air. D850 200-400 f4 400mm f5.6 1/1600 iso 400
  7. Bryan Pereira

    Fight CLUB

    Still one of my favorite interaction shots. Actually heard the growling then went to locate them in the tall grass D700 80mm f2.8 1/400 iso 200
  8. Bryan Pereira

    Smiling Lion

    Giving me a smile :-) Nikon D810 200-400 f4 340mm 1/800 f5. iso 1250 -0.67EV
  9. Bryan Pereira

    Zebra Reflection

    Z5 1/1250 f4.5 iso 400 350mm. 200-400 f4 Mara safari
  10. Bryan Pereira

    Lion Portrait

    D850 1/800 iso 400 200-400 f4 at 300mm Mara safari
  11. Bryan Pereira

    Cheetah Snarl

    D850 1/4000 iso 400 200-400 f4 at 300mm Mara photo safari day2
  12. Bryan Pereira

    Elephants in the Grass

    Some more from day 1 of my photo safari Mara D850 1/640 f8 iso 400 200-400mm f4 at 400mm
  13. Bryan Pereira

    Lion Pose

    Mara Safari D850 1/640 f4 iso 400 400mm (200-400)
  14. Bryan Pereira

    Elephant in Water

    Mara. A shady spot provided even lighting but pushed the iso a bit, still not an issue. D850 200-400 f4 1/833 iso 1110
  15. Bryan Pereira

    Split Nose - The Leopard

    Split nose D850 300mm f5.6 1/1250 iso 200 Mara phtoto safari . It took some maneuvering but this big guy came straight up to me managed to get some video and wide shoots in the landscape too
  16. Bryan Pereira

    leopard watching me