1. D

    Ultra Large Format in-camera shooting for instant "giant polaroid" pinhole photographs

    Is this possible? What I'm trying to do is create a pinhole camera that is portable and can produce a full-sized photograph, hopefully instantly all out in the field without going to a lab. I've researched ilfachrome, cibachrome, positive-positive photo enlargement paper. Are there any...
  2. B

    A Unique self-portrait studio for sale - original Selffishstudio

    Hey everyone! I have put my heart and soul into this project. Check it out here! However, being a full time pro photographer working on multiple projects, time has become an issue with this particular one. I could have just box it but for some reason I really want to see it live and evolve...
  3. NathanHaskell

    Portable, continuous LED lighting on a budget

    I have been looking for portable, continuous lighting to use in an outside shoot (abandoned warehouse) . As I am at the absolute beginning of the learning curve of photography any advice would be appreciated on using the following type of items: AE0183 Rechargeable LED Work Light 10W 12 / 240V...