1. B

    Yah or Nah?

    I wanted to try something new from my Instagram: @BoavistaJacob
  2. Msteelio91

    Portugal [Pic Heavy!]

    Sharing another set that I've just finished editing, from a recent trip to Portugal! We were there for a few days as part of a longer trip and I wish we could have been there longer. Lisbon had so much to see and Lagos was a paradise. Excellent food, and of course the PORT!!! I also did a...
  3. A

    Madeira, Portugal, 2015

    Hello! This a photo from my recent trip to Madeira, Portugal, on one of the most interesting streets on Funchal! Please send me your C&Cs. DSC_0582-1 by António pista, no Flickr Thank you, AP
  4. A

    Portugal Local Rally - 2015

    Good afternoon! First of all let me introduce myself, since it is the first time I create a forum topic, and as such, I am here to learn and improve as a photographer and as a consequence to improve my photos! I have a Nikon D3200, acquired in June this year, I bought with the lens kit...