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Sep 1, 2015
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Good afternoon!

First of all let me introduce myself, since it is the first time I create a forum topic, and as such, I am here to learn and improve as a photographer and as a consequence to improve my photos!

I have a Nikon D3200, acquired in June this year, I bought with the lens kit, 18-55mm and 55-200mm, and is my first experience with DSLR.

I have essentially taken vacation pictures, but this time I ventured in motorsport, particularly in the 'Baja Portalegre 2015' which took place this week-end, it's a local rally that occurs every year at Portugal.

I selected 6 photos to receive critics and comments from the people forum! I know that comparing with most of the photos that are on the forum, my photos are at light-years, but I decided to share them so that next time can already post a little better than this!

Here it are:







Thank you all in advance!
Number 4 I like the most the composition is good and the colours are nice. Some of the first things I started taking were rallies and I reckon the best thing you should do is keep taking images of the things that you like whilst learning more about your cameras capabilities.

Looking at the other photos you should be aware of you're composition next time. In most of the pictures there are people in the background that take away from what you are trying to photograph. For next time, think when you look through the viewfinder is there anything within your field of view i.e. the rectangle, that you do want and if so try to make sure there not. If it can't be helped then so be it thats were editing software comes in and that costs money.

Just look at image 4 whats different about that in terms of the things in the photo. Also you should have gotten a few discs with the camera one of them is called view nx is a photo editor, not adobe good but fare enough, I think its a green disc have a go at editing your photos it won't remove people but it'll help fix the the highlights on number 5. And turn on IS, image stabiliser on the lense if thats on them

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