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    I need help with film

    Hello everyone, I'm relatively new to film photography but here's the problem. Few months ago my camera(praktica plc3) shutter stuck and I wanted to get it fixed but it was too expensive at the time. In the meantime I got a new same camera body, for a cheap price. So, at the time of shutter...
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    New Praktica plc3 help pls

    Hi everyone, I just got my first camera from my friends for my birthday, I think they got it from some photographer and that it's used, it's praktica plc3 and I watched few tutorials on YouTube on how to use it, but I fail to understand how to change ISO/ASA on my camera. I inserted a film...
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    Using Mecablitz 303 (S) flash

    I have my nice old Praktica electric I use, and today someone lent me a Metz Mecablitz 303S flash. The problem is I have no idea how it works. I haven't found any documentation online, and probably I won't. Actually, the camera doesn't seem to "be aware" of the flash, the led that's supposed to...